Whistleblower Protection Act

Protect Koblenz-Touristik GmbH from criminal acts and damaging behavior!

Koblenz-Touristik operates with high quality standards in tourism promotion, advertising, registration and booking of tourist events and festivals, guided tours for guests as well as harbor master services for passenger shipping in the city of Koblenz and the surrounding area; it enjoys a reputation as a trustworthy and innovative associated company of the city of Koblenz. To do justice to this, we have set up a link to the city's whistleblower portal (see HinSchG, Whistleblower Protection Act) to supplement the existing internal communication channels. This gives employees, citizens, tourists, guests as well as interested parties and business partners and other external parties the opportunity to report serious breaches of rules and criminal acts (so-called "whistle-blowing").

In the event of a corresponding reporting requirement on your part, please first note the following information:

  • For general complaints in the tourism, tourist information, event, congress, marketing, port or real estate business areas, please contact info@koblenz-touristik.de directly ; these will not be processed via the whistleblower portal.
  • Please report alleged violations of data protection directly to our data protection officer at datenschutz@koblenz-touristik.de.
  • The system is also not intended to avert acute emergencies or hazardous situations; in this case, the established notification and reporting channels should be used.

(On request) anonymous tips help to ensure the reliability and integrity of Koblenz-Touristik in the long term. We ask for your responsible, active support. Thank you very much.

For all other complaints or tips that fall under § 2 HinSchG (for example, in the case of violations that are punishable by law, environmental protection, consumer rights, advertising, taxes, accounting / bookkeeping, procurement procedures, etc.), you can use this link to access the whistleblower system of the city of Koblenz, a separate platform from Koblenz-Touristik. There you will also find further information on the reporting process and whistleblower protection.